Homage to a Veteran

Homage to a Veteran [1]

By Rabbi Corinne Copnick


I found a tree that feels like me,

all flame and autumn fire,

dark branches reaching fine-honed

fingers to hold the wistful sky.

I touched a tree whose roots go deep,

proudly placed by sturdy stones,

moistly loved by velvet earth,

tall grown to sanctify this day.

I touched a tree whose time has come,

whose winter color gladly bares itself

to winter’s gusty grasp and

guards her blazing power,

transplanted in the night.

[1] This poem first appeared in “Altar Pieces,” by Corinne Copnick, a narrated collection of the author’s stories and poems that was screened many times nationally on Vision TV in Canada.

©️Corinne Copnick, Toronto, 1992; Los Angeles, 2017. All rights reserved.