A Generational Implication: We Need Kids

A Generational Implication: We Need Kids

Dear Friends,

We are living in such a divisive and potentially violent period, politically and environmentally, that I hope, one day soon, we will individually and collectively come to our senses and realize the spiritual strength we can gain from setting some common goals. Hopefully, we will once again remember one another’s needs and, ultimately, bond together in maintaining this incredibly beautiful world – if only we take the time to look – that surrounds us.

In that hope, I offer this poem, which I wrote originally for a marriage ceremony — an age-old bonding our free-wheeling society should also remember to honor. Keep the bonds of a covenantal relationship safe. They need to be nurtured. And, if you can, however you can, have some kids (or take care of some or help them have a better life) to carry on our Jewish tradition. There is a generational implication in the privilege of being alive. Do I sound like a rabbi? You bet!

Shabbat Shalom!

The Bond

By Rabbi Corinne Copnick

Amidst frankincense and myrhh,

budding spring flowers color

the air with an ancient song.

“I am for you and

you are for me,”

the most fragrant lyric ever sung.

And in the scented forest,

tall trees inhale

resounded notes and

rebreathe new memories.

Old roots clasp gnarled

hands more deeply in

the rich, red earth,

their bonds long-forged

leafing freshly toward

a misty, blueing sky,

as gentle sun showers

envelop a bridal


Butterflies dance from

trees to celebrate this

covenant of winging


©️Corinne Copnick, Los Angeles, 2009, 2017. All rights reserved.