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About A Rabbi at Sea…

While most people were enjoying well-deserved retirement, at age seventy-three, author Rabbi Corinne Copnick began her six-year course of study and was ordained rabbi at the age of seventy-nine. The ordination was the beginning of a new adventure; she’s had an unconventional “pulpit.” In A Rabbi at Sea, Rabbi Copnick narrates the stories of her travel experiences as a guest rabbi on cruise ships. On every journey and in every country visited, she uncovered, discovered, and explored Jewish life—from Hawaii to Australia, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and everywhere in between. Offering a global perspective, she presents a host of insights about the culture and the people she encountered throughout her travels. A Rabbi at Sea shares Rabbi Copnick’s anecdotal exploration of the tapestry of world Jewry in fascinating locales around the world. It offers a treasure trove of her reflections on history, spirituality, and humanity.


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Rabbi Corinne is available for your group events — in person in the greater Los Angeles area, and via FaceTime or other conferencing tools for remote events. Whether you run a book club, a writing group, run travel or religious conferences, this unique storyteller will bring a shot of inspiration and adventure to your program offerings!

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