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Lifecycle events

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  • B’nai Mitzvah: Your child takes a step forward and joins the Jewish community as a Jewish “adult”.  Rabbi Corinne works with local cantors to create a magical, meaningful experience for your family and your child.
  • Conversion: Whether you are looking to become a Jew by choice or are part of an interfaith couple that is bridging the understanding needed to bring two religions together in one household, Rabbi Corinne will be your partner in this educational and uplifting journey.
  • Wedding: Creating a life together starts with the spark of the wedding ceremony.  Rabbi Corinne will guide you through the rituals, the meanings of the traditions and how to enter marriage on a clear and solid footing.  3 pre-marriage counselling sessions are included in the wedding package.
  • Death and Mourning: Life ends.  And the Jewish religion holds sacred rituals to honor those who have departed. At one of the most painful junctures in our families, Rabbi Corinne will lovingly guide you through the cherished traditions surrounding loss, burial and bereavement.
  • Other events: Whether you long for a Rabbi to lead your Shabbat dinner, to blessing your Sukka, from saging rituals to adult B’nai Mitzvah, Rabbi Corinne is creative and thoughtful in helping you prepare for any lifecycle events.  She will prepare a program to enhance any celebration.

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