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What People Say About “A Rabbi at Sea”

What people say about A RABBI AT SEA…

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“Sparks of God’s light are scattered all over the world. According to the tradition of Jewish mysticism, it is our responsibility to find them, elevate them, and share their glory. Rabbi Copnick’s unique ability to perceive these divine sparks is a blessing to us all. The stories of her discoveries are inspiring and breathtaking. She reassures us that God is to be found almost everywhere if only we look with open eyes and a sensitive heart.”

—Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Senior Rabbi, Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue, Los Angeles

“Rabbi Corinne Copnick has written an extraordinary, artistic testimony to the majestic wonder of nature and the human beings and animals who inhabit it. With her keen, inquisitive eye, open heart, and the sublime story telling of a consummate artist, she brings us on a journey of discovery, and we are left with a unique spiritual experience. Her book touches our MINDS as she illuminates the practices of ancient and contemporary cultures, touches our HEARTS as it takes us to places we never expected to traverse, and reaches our SOULS as it awakens us to the power and grace of our Creator. This unique, creative work will stay with you long after you put it down, and you will be filled with gratitude to Rabbi Copnick’s love letter to the gift of being alive in our world.”

Rabbi Mel Gottlieb, President, Academy for Jewish Religion, California

A Rabbi at Sea is a marvelous offering, an absolutely charming narrative that teaches as it delights.”

—Rabbi Beth Lieberman, Founder, Lehrhaus Literary

“Written with a warm, loving, and whimsical touch, Rabbi Corinne’s stories give us fresh perspective and inspire us to travel and marvel the world. What an extraordinary woman and a true role model!”

Rabbi Belle Michael, Campus Rabbi, Cal Lutheran University; Rabbi, Kehilla Shira Hadasha 

“A person who converts to Judaism recites the Shema, the declaration of God’s Oneness as part of their immersion in the Mikveh, the Jewish ritual bath Rabbi Copnick describes in “Follow the Mikveh.”  This book would make engaging reading for anyone considering conversion to Judaism as it depicts the diversity of Jewish experience and ritual throughout the world and over time, engages us in questions with which people everywhere struggle, and portrays the diverse beauty of the Creator’s world.”

Chaplain Muriel Dance, Ph.D., BCC, Executive Director, Sandra Caplan Community Beit Din, Los Angeles

A Rabbi at Sea is an empowering story of the very real possibilities that exist for unprecedented inner growth and exciting adventures beyond the biblical three score years and ten. This book is an inspiration for each of us to boldly embrace opportunities to remain fully alive, all the days of our lives.”

—Julie G. Madorsky, M.D.