Who? [1]

By Rabbi Corinne Copnick

Who can dry the tears of God?

Is it the earth forever

quivering with remorse

or space itself curving

to cradle such pain?

Who can share the fears of God?

Is it man and wife grown

old in friendship, enfolding

family before and

after their ending?

Who can light the face of God?

Is it an artist’s fiery spirit

steeping red-blossomed in

a rose-petal’s clear

white water?

Who can feel the touch of God?

Is it our sleeping child

caressing once more

the wounded world

with wakened wonder?

Who can know the mind of God?


©Corinne Copnick, Toronto, 1992; Los Angeles, 2017. All rights reserved.

[1] “Who?”– my anthropomorphized concept of God in the spirit of poetic license — was originally narrated in “Altar Pieces (1992)” a collage of my poems and stories that was screened nationally many times on Canada’s “Vision TV” over a period of  five years.